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What are Cultural Heritages?

At Cultural Heritage Online, we define Cultural Heritages in a broader sense as cultural properties of historic value regardless of tangibility.

About the content available in the Gallery

Amongst the Cultural Properties designated/selected/registered by the nation, and national, public, and private museums throughout the nation, facilities registered with Cultural Heritage Online have provided information on Cultural Heritages under their possession. We have released this information in our "Gallery" and made them searchable and viewable.

About the operation of Cultural Heritage Online

Cultural Heritage Online is operated by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, with the technical cooperation of the National Institute of Informatics.


  • On April 22nd 2003, the Agency of Cultural Affairs and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announce the "Cultural Heritage Online Project" in joing
  • On April 27th 2004, the pilot version of Cultural Heritage Online is released
  • On March 26th 2008, Cultural Heritage Online is officially released

About Copyrights

About Copyrights

Each piece of information (texts, photographs, videos, illustrations, etc) posted on this website is subject to copyright. Additionally, the entirety of Cultural Heritage Online is subject to copyright as a compilation, and also protected by legislation and international treaties regarding copyright. Unless allowed by law, reproduction, citation, and modification without permission is prohibited.
While we make efforts to keep the information on this website as accurate as possible, the Agency of Cultural Affairs does not bear responsibility for any actions users make using information from this website.

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About Inquiries

To share opinions and thoughts about Cultural Heritage Online, please contact us using our contact address.
For general questions about Cultural Properties, please refer to the Agency of Cultural Affairs' website.
The rights for images and other media belong to each cooperating museum. For inquiries about usage of media, please directly refer to the museum who provided the media.
We will not use your name and email address for any purposes other than responding to your inquiries.