Śākyamuni (Seiryō-ji type)


Śākyamuni (Seiryō-ji type)

Sculpture / Nara

By Genkai

Kamakura period, 13th century/Bun’ei 10, 1273

Wood, single block construction

H 78.7




The statue of Śākyamuni which priest Chōnen brought back from China to Seiryō-ji Temple in Kyoto had been extensively admired, therefore many works were reproduced in the Kamakura period. The present statue constitutes one of the reproductions. The ink inscription was written on the pedestal, describing the date of fabrication as well as the name of prayer and sculptor.

Masterworks from the Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall at the Nara National Museum. Nara National Museum, 2010, p.142, no.123.

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