Greeting from the Agency for Cultural Affairs

Our nation possesses many splendid Cultural Heritages that we boast to the world, and unique regional Cultural Heritages that cannot be found elsewhere. In order to preserve these Cultural Heritages and promote active displayment and transmission of them, an environment in which anyone can easily access to information on Cultural Heritages at all times is required.

Based on this idea, Cultural Heritage Online officially opened in March 2008 as a portal site that widely collects data on Cultural Heritages collected by museums throughout the nation regardless of designation status, and makes them viewable online. The site is managed in joint by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the National Institute of Informatics.

We hope that through Cultural Heritage Online, more people will access to information on various Cultural Heritages, actively visit museums to see them, and convenience will improve for visitors from overseas who are interested in our nation's Cultural Heritages.

Please use our site to your convenience. We also ask museums to consider posting information on Cultural Heritages under your possession.