Geishas of the Pleasure Quarters: Itsutomi


Geishas of the Pleasure Quarters: Itsutomi

Paintings / Edo

By Chobunsai Eishi (1756-1829)

Edo period, 18th century

大判 錦絵 3枚続のうち


Important Cultural Property

A slim beauty stands against a white background. This is one part of an ukiyo-e triptych called ‘Beauties of the Pleasure Quarters,’ which introduces several representative geisha from the Yoshiwara pleasure district and includes their names.

This lady is called Itsutomi. From the plectrum in her hand and the musical instrument at her feet, it seems she specialized in playing the shamisen.

In the background, a few specks of mica powder continue to glitter on the white ground. The depiction of a slender, elegant beauty against a white backdrop also creates a bright and vivacious impression.

The distinctive style of the artist, Chobunsai Eishi, is on full display in this popular work.

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