Four Infinite Landscapes


Four Infinite Landscapes

Paintings / Ming Dynasty / China

By Wen Boren (1502–75)

Place of production:China

Ming dynasty, 1551

Ink on paper



Inscriptions:万竿烟雨 五峯山人文伯仁 ; 万壑松風長洲文伯仁写 ; 万頃晴波文伯仁 ; 万山飛雪 嘉靖辛亥夏日文伯仁為汝和先生写于金台客次 ; 雅歌堂 ; 文伯仁徳承父 ; 陳氏子有 ; 子有

Important Cultural Property

Infinite spaces fill most of the compositions of these four majestic paintings by Wen's talented nephew Wen Boren. The landscapes may represent the four seasons, four scenic sites in China, or four different styles by renowned scholar painters."

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