Red Plum Blossom


Red Plum Blossom

Paintings / Qing Dynasty / China

By Jin Nong (1687-1763)

Place of production:China

Qing dynasty, dated 1760 (Qianlong 25)

Light color on paper



Inscriptions:客窓用玉楼人口脂画之彼妹暁粧無悩老奴 其香奩而損其一点紅也不覚失咲 七十四翁杭郡金農 ; 金吉金印 ; 生于丁卯 ; 可菴珍秘 ; 古歙程氏双宋楼収蔵法書名画印 ; 宝宋室 ; 朗庵墨縁

The distinctive brushwork of Jin Nong is on display in both the calligraphy and the branches of the plum tree.

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