Landscape After Dong Qichang


Landscape After Dong Qichang

Paintings / Qing Dynasty / China

By Xin Shu (dates unknown)

Place of production:China

Qing dynasty, 1717

Ink on satin


Hanging scroll

Inscriptions:丁酉新秋、法玄宰筆、祝刑母王太夫人七十紫壽、當湖心樹 ; 鈐印「心樹之印」等 ; 鑑蔵印「定静堂」 ; 志超鑑賞

This painting was drawn with thick ink on satin, which gives it a faint luster. The emphasis on light and dark was a style of landscapes popular with Qing-dynasty (1644-1911) scholars."

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