Mount Fuji Viewed from Mount Higane


Mount Fuji Viewed from Mount Higane

Paintings / Edo

By Sō Shiseki (1715–86)

Edo period, 18th century

Color on silk



This is a painting of Mount Fuji and several other peaks. The horizontal screen creates the impression of surveying the scenery from a window. It probably takes a panoramic view to truly capture the magnificence of this rolling landscape.

This is the view of Mount Fuji as seen from Mount Higane in Shizuoka Prefecture. Mount Fuji can be seen on the top right. The verdant mountains of Hakone sprawl out from Mount Higane on the bottom right. The expanse on the left is Suruga Bay. A glance at present-day maps will attest to the geographical accuracy of this depiction.

Many painters at the time were drawn to modern Chinese culture. The artist behind this work was one of them. Indeed, his choice of pseudonym, So Shiseki, reflects these Chinese leanings. Shiseki belonged to the Nanpin school, which was influenced by a Chinese painter named Shen Quan, or Shin Nanpin in Japanese, who came to Japan in the mid-Edo period. Shiseki has portrayed Mount Fuji with a delicate, sketch-like touch in a manner showing Western influences, which were introduced from China.

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