Wooden cake mold for kinkatō: design of sea bream


Wooden cake mold for kinkatō: design of sea bream


L.13.5cm W.27.6cm

There are 106 wooden cake molds in the Museum collection. These molds are used for making various kinds of Japanese sweets. Most of the molds are for making rakugan, a type of dry confection made of rice flour, starch, suger and water. They come in either single or two-piece molds, but the one shown here is a two-piece mold used for maiking kinkatō, a type of suger confection. The characteristic of this wooden mold is that a hole appears on one side when two pieces of the mold are fitted together. After the mold is dippedin water and fitted, warm thick sugar liquid is poured in through that hole. As the liquid cools, a thin wall of suger forms within the mold and the excess liquid is drained from the hole.The mold is then separated and the sugar confection taken out. It is hand painted after it is completely dried and hardened.

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