Bodhisattva Ekadaśamukha


Bodhisattva Ekadaśamukha

Sculpture / Nara

By Zen’en

Kamakura period, 13th century/Jōkyū 3, 1221

Wood, joined block construction

H 46.6


The ink inscription was written inside of the body and the colophon on the Diamond sutra deposited therein, suggesting that this statue was made by the Buddhist sculptor Zen’en in 1221 based upon the faith in the Kasuga deity. The eleven-headed Kannon was enshrined as an original substance of Buddhist deity (honji) in the Forth shrine of Kasuga Shisho Myōjin (the Four Gods of Kasuga).

Masterworks from the Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall at the Nara National Museum. Nara National Museum, 2010, p.141, no.132.

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Nara / 奈良 / / Sculpture

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