Morning View of Uji River


Morning View of Uji River

Paintings / Edo

By Mokubei (1767-1833)

Edo period, dated 1824 (Bunsei 7)

Ink and light color on paper



Important Cultural Property

A river arcs through the mountains and flows to the left, its surface only disturbed by a solitary boat. Further down, a man crosses a bridge. The red-hued leaves around the bridge suggest an autumn scene. The detailed depiction of the trees is achieved using a variety of brush strokes. The trees and the rounded mountains seem to writhe upwards with the vigor of living creatures.
The 'Uji' of the title is a famous tea-growing region in Kyoto. A temple surrounded by trees sits toward the bottom right, close to where Uji River curves around. This is Byodoin Temple, now listed as a World Heritage Site. This tranquil scene is infused with the crisp air of an autumn morning.
Mokubei was a great admirer of Ike no Taiga, a painter influenced by a style of Chinese literati painting called nanshuga. Perhaps this explains the painting's characteristic Chinese-style figures.

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