Paper stencil: design of lattice


Paper stencil: design of lattice

others / Edo / Kinki

Ise region, Mie prefecture



W.41.9cm L.20.5cm

Signed: Kamaya Kihei. Dated: 12th month, 1791

These are stencils for dyeing made from Japanese paper waterproofed with persimmon tannin. When stencil dyeing, first a paste made of rice that acts as a resist was placed on the fabric by using the stencil. It was then dyed, and the paste rinsed off, leaving the undyed areas white. Most of the stencils are from the Shiroko and Jige areas of Suzuka city along the Ise Bay, and are generally known as Ise paper stencils (Ise katagami).

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