The Second Patriarch in Contemplation


The Second Patriarch in Contemplation

Paintings / Song Dynasty / China

Attributed to Shi Ke (dates unknown)

Place of production:China

Southern Song dynasty, 13th century

Ink on paper



Inscriptions:乾徳改元八月八日西蜀石恪写二祖調心図 ; 建業文房之印 ; 受命于天既寿永昌 ; 政和 ; 宣 ; 和 ; 損斎宝玩 ; 徳寿殿宝 ; 秘府 ; 紹 ; 興

Important Cultural Property

Shi Ke's was a 10th century painter from Sichuan Province. His unconventional rendering of the monk's robe was highly valued. His style influenced later generations' ink paintings of human figures.

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