Tea Caddy Bunrin (“apple”) type; known as “Uji”


Tea Caddy Bunrin (“apple”) type; known as “Uji”

ceramics / Song Dynasty / Yuan Dynasty / China

Place of production:China

Southern Song-Yuan dynasty, 13th century



Tea utensils in Jian’s collection include items from the Matsura family, a [daimyo] (feudal lord) family of Kyushu, where Jian was from. This imported tea caddy from China was given to Matsura Shigenobu by Katagiri Sekishu. A paper slip which reads “Tray of [bunrin] tea caddy inside” pasted on the box of the caddy tray is said to have been written by the tea master Sen no Rikyu. Ivory lids in styles favored by Oribe and Enshu also accompany this work. ※[]はイタリック体(121127_h04)

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