Standing Buddha Statuettes


Standing Buddha Statuettes

Sculpture / Nara

Heian period, 12th century/Eikyū 4, 1116

Gilt bronze

H 11.2 (each)


Excavated presumably in Fukuoka Prefecture


Both of these statues are small bronze Nyorai (Tathāgata) of simple made, clad in simple garment. These two figures presumably depict Shaka (Śākyamuni) and Tahō (Prabhūtaratna), who were introduced in the Kenhōtō chapter in the Hoke-kyō (Lotus sutra). A bronze bell had also been enclosed in the case. It is regrettable that the details of the excavation is no longer known since this pagoda-shaped sutra case

Masterpieces of Nara National Museum. Nara National Museum, 1993, p.135, no.109.

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/ 立像 / / Nara

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