Portrait of Sato Issai (Aged 50)


Portrait of Sato Issai (Aged 50)

Paintings / Edo

By Watanabe Kazan (1793-1841)

Edo period, dated 1821 (Bunsei 4)

Color on silk



Important Cultural P

Sato Issai (1771-1859) was a leading Confucian scholar of the late Edo period. The artist of this portrait, Watanabe Kazan, was one of his students. This work depicts Issai at 50 years of age. Later, Kazan’s apprentice Tsubaki Chinzan was invited to paint a seated portrait of Issai and his wife on the occasion of Issai’s 70th birthday. This work was formerly preserved by the household of Issai’s son-in-law, Kawada Tekisai.

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