Liquor Cups


Liquor Cups

lacquer work

Okinawa Main Island; Tsuboya ware

Second Shō dynasty, Ryūkyū kingdom, late 18th–19th century


①緑(欠損)高1.7 口径3.3 高台径1.7 ②緑 高1.7 口径3.2 高台径1.7 ③花文(小)高1.5 口径3.0 高台径1.5 ④花文(大)高1.7 口径3.4 高台径1.8 ⑤水色 高1.9 口径3.3 高台径1.7 ⑥渦文 高1.9 口径3.3 高台径1.6 ⑦斑(水色濃い)高1.7 口径3.1 高台径1.6 ⑧斑(水色淡い)高1.7 口径3.2 高台径1.7 ⑨窓文(低)高1.6 口径3.3 高台径1.7 ⑩窓文(高)高1.9 口径3.3 高台径1.6


These small sake cups were made in matching pairs. The overglaze enamel designs used are similar to other pieces purchased in 1882.

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