Secluded Abode in a Mountain Valley


Secluded Abode in a Mountain Valley

Paintings / Ming Dynasty / China

By Dong Qichang (1555–1636)

Place of production:China

Ming dynasty, 1623

Ink on paper


Hanging scroll

Inscriptions:天啓3(1623) ; 天啓三年歳在癸亥四月十九日舟次震沢村同観者楊彦沖玄宰 ; 江邨秘蔵 ; 高澹人 ; 士奇 ; 齅香斎 ; 乾隆御覧之宝 ; 乾隆鑑賞 ; 三希堂精鑒璽 ; 宜子孫 ; 石渠宝笈

Dong Qichang succeeded Wen as the leading artist of Jiangnan, the area encompassing major cities such as Shanghai and Suzhou. For this work, Dong studied a work by Zhao Mengfu, but it also carries the characteristics of his own style."

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