Pitcher of Senzan type


Pitcher of Senzan type

Craft work / Nara

Tang dynasty, China, 8th century


H 30.1


This is a rather big water pitcher of the so-called Sensan-type with a spout and a pointed lid. It was first cast and then shaped on a lathe. The bottom was cast in one piece with the body, whereas the spout and the pointed lid were cast separately. Judging from the rust on the surface, which appears to have been caused in conjunction with soil, it seems possible that this pitcher had once been buried underground. Since the metal underneath the surface has a whitish appearance, it is considered to be a nickel-like alloy.
This pitcher, though made of thick metal, has an elegant shape with its round body. As the leather-bag shaped spout with its lid is designed in a classic style, this pitcher was probably made during the 8th century. It seems to have been made in China, but the top of the lid with its round corners resembles Korean pitchers made during the Silla dynasty. Further examination is necessary to determine the exact place of production.

Masterpieces of Nara National Museum. Nara National Museum, 1993, p.118, no.92.

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