Portrait of the Priest Shinran


Portrait of the Priest Shinran

Japanese paintings / Nara

Kamakura period, 13th-14th century

Hanging scroll; ink and colors on silk

H 120.2, W 81.1(painting); H 148.8, W 86.2 (mounting)


Provenance: Jōfuku-ji Temple, Kyoto Prefecture


This is a portrait of Priest Shinran (1173-1262) who established the Jōdo Shin-shū school of Buddhism. As he is seated on bear-fur put over a tatami mat in this portrait, it is often called the Portrait of Priest Shinran on Bear-fur. Priest Shinran is depicted in a black Buddhist garment and a white scarf is showing from the collar. He is holding a rosary in his hands

Masterpieces of Nara National Museum. Nara National Museum, 1993, p.64, no.47.

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