Objects excavated presumably in Fukuoka Prefecture


Objects excavated presumably in Fukuoka Prefecture

Archaeology / Nara

Heian period, 12th century/Eikyū 4, 1116


Excavated presumably in Fukuoka Prefecture


These objects were reportedly excavated near Dazaifu city in Fukuoka prefecture, but the details are unknown. The bronze sutra case in the shape of a pagoda was firmly made and consists of the body, the roof and the sōrin-spire. The body part is divided at the shoulder to form a container section and a lid. Doors are depicted in line-carvings. A low platform is attached to the body part, and a bronze disk is attached to its bottom. The date together with needle-carved inscription are found on the top of the disk. According to the inscription, two Buddhist statues and a sutra scroll had been enclosed in this sutra case. The roof is made in the hōgyō style, and the roof tiles on the bronze plate are depicted in line-carving. Uzu ornaments are attached near the rim of the roof and fūtaku ornaments are hung from the eaves.

Masterpieces of Nara National Museum. Nara National Museum, 1993, p.135, no.109.

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