Vase with Phoenix Handles Celadon glaze


Vase with Phoenix Handles Celadon glaze

ceramics / Song Dynasty / Yuan Dynasty

Longquan ware, China

Southern Song-Yuan dynasty, 13th century


高31.5 口径11.7 底径10.7 重1692


This is a celadon flower vase with phoenix-shaped handles attached to the left and right of the neck. It was probably used in tea ceremonies held by people of high-standing.
The color of celadon porcelain changes according to when and where it was made. This work dates back to the 13th century, between the Southern Song dynasty and the Yuan dynasty. It was produced in the Longquan kilns, located in the southwest of modern-day Zhejiang province, China. As such, it is characterized by a translucent, light blue hue.
Outstanding celadon works from Longquan were cherished by the Japanese from olden times. Many renowned works with similar shapes have been collected in Japan. The most famous is the vase known as Bansei. Bansei once belonged to the third Tokugawa shogun, Iemitsu.
This work has not been designated a National Treasure, but with its beautiful coloring and stately, harmonious appearance, it certainly bears comparison with Bansei, the renowned National Treasure.

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