Pomegranates and Peonies


Pomegranates and Peonies

Paintings / Qing Dynasty / China

By Zhang Shen (1744-1817-?)

Place of production:China

Qing dynasty, 18th century

Color on silk



Inscriptions:石榴図 五言律詩の後に「撫銭玉潭設色法并用元槇句作題、西冷釣徒張莘」 ; 鈐印「張莘」 ; 秋穀 ; 鑑蔵印「定静」 ; 牡丹図 七言絶句の後に「撫北宋徐崇嗣設色法于鋤雲館。秋穀張莘 ; 鈐印「張莘」 ; 秋穀

This work shows a style of flower painting that was practiced before the time of the Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou. The work of this artist was also influential in Japan in the Edo period (1603–1868).

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