Armor ("Dōmaru") with Black Lacing, Horizontal and Triangular Patterns


Armor ("Dōmaru") with Black Lacing, Horizontal and Triangular Patterns

others / Muromachi

Muromachi period, 15th century


Important Cultural Property

This type of armor was popular during the Muromachi period. It is designed for ease of movement, thus making it ideal for fighting on foot. The cuirass closes under the right arm, while the kusazuri, the skirt-like part protecting the waist and thigh area, is divided into several smaller sections. This style of armor is called domaru. Small leather or iron platelets known as kozane, which look like the reeds of wind instruments, are bound together to form the section covering the torso, waist and shoulders. The practice of binding these kozane together using thread or leather cord is known as odoshi. This armor is striking for the colorful nature of the odoshi, with the platelets tied together using white and red cords or with black leather lacing dyed an indigo blue. These shifting colors form triangular patterns or diagonal lines. This dazzling design must have stood out magnificently on the field of battle.

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