The Buddha Amida


The Buddha Amida

Sculpture / Kamakura

By Eisen (born 1239)

Kamakura period, 1259

Wood with gold paint, gold leaf, and crystal

像高96.9 光背高130.0 台座高54.5


銘文:後頭部内側墨書銘 施主真観法師為先考聖□□為現存悲母二世悉地為自身□ □得度也為法界衆生也、正嘉三・己未二月卅日甲辰彼岸初日辰時始之同三月廿四日戊辰木造畢 工匠永仙筑前殿生年廿一御衣木□有浄平□東山一切経谷山木

Important Cultural Property

Buddhist sculptures often contain relics and inscriptions inside their hollowed-out bodies. An inscription inside this work reveals that the sculptor Eisen created it at the age of 21.

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